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Self-Discovery: What can I expect?

Updated: Apr 22

In this 22-Week Program, you will explore your relationship with familial archetypes and your potential shadows associated with them. Understanding the personality traits that attribute to our shadow selves and the root cause of challenging or undesirable behaviors, habits or blockages, can help us identify new paths of behavior to break free from unhealth cycles.

Psychological Tarot for Self-Discovery
Psychological Tarot

Throughout this program, you will work with a Holistic Integrative Health Coach on a meditative tarot practice connecting and identifying with tarot archetypes with the Major Arcana. In your meditation, you will identify personality shadow traits starting with the mother and father and then their projected attributes (son, daughter, etc.). Throughout this meditative practice over 22-sessions, you will identify behavior patterns and your relationship to them allowing a greater opportunity for self-acceptance and personal development.

Reiki and Tarot for Self- Discovery
Reiki & Tarot

Sessions will take an integrative approach, by working with your practitioner to identify other supportive practices or tools that might be helpful as you move through your self-discovery journey. Modalities like astrology, Reiki, Yoga and other personality tests like Myers-Briggs will be helpful along your journey.

The Self-Discovery Package is a great option for someone looking for a deeper understanding of themselves at an ancestral and generational level. Although the work done in this package is therapeutic and healing, it requires an honest look at the undesirable parts of ourselves and can be emotionally intensive work for some. Incorporating Reiki h

ealing sessions or yoga, can be a great way to help subside any discomfort while working through each archetype.

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