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What is Reiki?

Updated: Apr 22

In it's simplest form, reiki is a relaxation method. Reiki sessions can often resemble a non-touch massage, a nap or a guided meditation with visualization support. Each reiki practitioner approaches their sessions very differently, and you can expect to experience different things with each practitioner that you work with.

Over time, and with training, Reiki can become an evolutionary practice as you learn techniques, practices and ways of working with Reiki. As we clear negative energy from our bio-energetic field, we create space within our energetic body to expand and grow into our most authentic selves. This is why Reiki can be a great recovery technique. As we relax our mind and body, we allow our creative and intuitive nature the safety to be present in our minds and hearts.

Reiki can be practiced alone after learning Reiki 1 - Healing Yourself and can be practiced on others after completing Reiki 2 - Healing Others. Following each of these trainings, it is recommended to practice Reiki at the Reiki 2 level before moving on to your Reiki Master Teacher training. At the Master level, you can teach Reiki and perform placements for others.

Woman teaching child reiki
Healing with Holy Fire Reiki

For generations, women and men have been learning reiki and passing down the healing practice and technique to their families for maximum health.

In training, at the Reiki 2 - Healing Others level, you will learn about the sacred reiki symbols that have been handed down from great Sensei masters in Japan, and taught to the west during World War II.

Learning the symbols, begins to open practitioners up the consciousness based healing. It allows us to expand our positive energy out further based on the idea of resonance.

To learn more about the concept of Reiki and research surrounding the practice, register for our online seminar, De-Mystifying Reiki: Science & Energy.

If you would like to learn more about Reiki, but are unsure and would like to explore the practice a bit more first, you can sign up for a Self Discovery Session to identify your path and begin exploring Reiki along with other modalities and intuitive practice.


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