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Community Access

People, Practitioners & Partners

  • Best Value

    Student Practitioner

    Every month
    Usui Holy Fire Reiki Practitioners - Level I & II
     180 day free trial
    • Free 6-Months Access to Exclusive Reiki Practitioner Group
    • Exclusive Access to Online Programs & Courses
    • Master Training Discount after 6 months
  • Community Access

    Find spiritualists, educators, practitioners & guides.
    Free Plan
    • Access to the Community Group
    • Community specific offerings from affiliated practitioners
    • Self-Discovery & Spiritual Guide Referrals
  • Business Member

    Every month
    Available for mission aligned businesses & practitioners.
    • Business Profile Referrals to the TMCollab Community
    • Provide special offerings to our network
    • Support our mission of harm reduction education & access
    • Exclusive Discounts for Holistic Customer Solutions, LLC

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