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A Complete Reiki Healing Package: Holy Fire Reiki Healing

Updated: Apr 22

The Holy Fire Healing Package is a great way to start out experiencing Reiki for yourself, while working with a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master. This package includes five (5) Holy Fire Reiki Sessions online, where you will receive guided meditations that help to identify a specific issue, install divine love and healing, timeline scanning and a final session to promote evolution and expansion.

While experiencing your session at home, you will want to find a private and comfortable place to participate in the session online. Bring any items that might make you feel at ease or connect you with some feeling or intention that you want to bring in to your healing session. You can be lying down in a comfortable place or on a yoga mat, or sitting in a comfortable chair. Whatever works best for you and is going to allow you to connect in with yourself without distractions.

We suggest playing some relaxing music, or you can access one of our public playlists. If we are doing a live session, you Reiki Master may send you a link to listen to a live playlist, curated by your Master Practitioner.

Check and set the temperature of the room to a comfortable degree and grab a blanket, socks or a sweater if that is going to make you feel more relaxed. It is also suggested to keep a notebook nearby, so you can write down the details of your experience after your experience is complete.

Reiki Yoga Master Teacher
Meditation with Holy Fire Reiki

As the Reiki Master guides you through a visualization experience, you will imagine peaceful imagery in your minds eye. Concluding the visualization, you will have some time for personal meditation. Allowing your thoughts to come and go, release holding on to any major ideas and allow your mind to work like a waking dream. Sometimes, this can take some practice, but it is important to understand that there is no wrong way to practice Reiki. Allowing yourself the space to intentionally heal through meditation and self-care is enough to begin clearing negative energy without the help of any tools or a practitioner, so you are already doing it correctly, but taking the first step.

Holy Fire Reiki Healing Package

The Holy Fire Healing Package include five (5) Holy Fire Healing Sessions with a Reiki Master in an online video environment on Zoom. In your first session, you will work with your Reiki Master Practitioner to identify a problem and relate it to an area of the body based on your intuition and imagination. You will create tangible descriptions of this problem before being guided in a meditative reiki healing session.

In your second session, your Reiki master will guide an experience with the intention of installing the energy of divine love. This energy or emotional response has been explained to promote feelings of being cared for, feelings of safety and healthy divine love. It is a natural feeling you have towards yourself and others.

Online Reiki Healing
Healing with Holy Fire Reiki

Your third Holy Fire Healing Session is a timeline scan within your lifetime, that identifies the most important experience that needs to be healed. The healing is intended to improve wellbeing and personal health. As we clear out negative feelings towards past hurts and hang ups, we begin to create space for things that are more aligned with who we really are authentically.

In the fourth session, your Holy Fire experience will go back to the time of conception, gestation, birth and post-birth. This experience clears out timelines and cycles that no longer serve you. This make space for authentic love and self development based on your own self-discovery. In this clearing, ancestral issues, parental issues or womb/birth trauma will be addressed and cleared.

In your final session, Reiki energy will be intended to work deeply in your subconscious mind to clear out unconscious bias or negative thoughts. This session prepares you to heal so you can move to the next level of development and expansion. From here, you may not be immediately aware of a change, but within the following days and weeks after completing the session, you will begin to integrate your experiences over the course of your experiences to enter deeper levels of self-discovery and development.

If you are interested in learning Reiki for yourself and receiving the necessary placements and course material to practice Reiki level 1, enhancing your personal health practice and creating space for yourself to heal independently, you can train at the event link below or upcoming sessions in an online environment with a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master.


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