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How to Beat Self-Doubt & Insecurities to Become the Best Version of Yourself

One of the most limiting energies a person can struggle with in this life is self-doubt. It has the ability to keep you feeling locked away in a prison of your own insecurities. It can suffocate your ability to explore and be free in your most authentic spirit to engage with opportunities and adventures.

The frog is the singer of songs. He stands for cleansing, transformation, understanding emotions & rebirth. When the frog comes into your life, you are being nudged to actively look for opportunities. This awakening will bring greater abundance.

Self-doubt can become crippling. Often a result of ongoing or chronic trauma or long term exposure to low vibrational energy, insecurities can cause paralysis in it’s host. People who struggle with self-doubt often are often not pursuing their passions, or they have dismissed them all together. When insecurities have escalated to such a point, where someone has given up on even considering any level of freedom regarding their own choices. Many people suffering with self-doubt, may feel as if life is happening to them and don’t often feel as if life is something we have the power to create with our own energy!

This is a terrible place to find ourselves in and it can cause a person to live a life that has been massively limited by the illusory constructs that have been formed in their mind. Fortunately, though, with a little work and the right amount of determination there is something that we can do to conquer this.

Dominating Doubt

Doubt itself, is a low energy vibration. It is fighting against our positive energies, creative ideas and acts of kindness. It is something that denounces and turns down any thoughts of positive or action-inspiring suggestion. It can result in negative self-talk that is demotivating self-destructive. If left unchecked, doubt becomes a mindset that can keep a person completely closed off from the world and tapped out of positive inspiration. It can keep a person confined to a self-centered and destructive ego.

Crystal Wand Workshops help individuals try a new activity and overcome self-doubt and insecurity in creation and in social environments. Workshop attendees are encourages to strengthen communication skills in tool and approach sharing, problem solving and creation ideation as a group.

In order to dominate doubt we must first desire to do so. If we do not have the desire to at least investigate the ability to overcome doubt, then we will not find a solution. The answer comes from within the individual and a choice to see the opportunities in the challenges they are presented with is a personal decision.

Someone who is struggling to take this power back, can shadow and project their insecurity and doubt of self onto other around them creating a contagion of negative energy. People who are having trouble finding their own joy, might find fault or blame in the people around them as a way to escape responsibility for their misery. Or they might become unsupportive of the success in others as a result of not having the confidence to pursue their own passions.

Without having made the choice to do this, without having personally decided that they want to become more positive, more inspiring and more encouraging, we cannot rely on other to fix this problem for us.

The Argument of Doubt

The main argument that people offer to encourage their own self-doubt is that they have either never been able to, or never witnessed something happen. For example, if you try to encourage a person to become a confident public speaker and they harbor massive amounts of internal self-doubt, they will argue that they have never been able to speak confidently in public before and so they just think that from their own point of view, it cannot be done.

In all cases of self-doubt, a person is living with a mindset that has experienced great limitation somewhere in the past. This might be something that has been conditioned in them by a toxic or unhealthy environment, it can be the sign of a mindset conditioned for scarcity or someone who doesn’t believe there are good things available to them in this life.

Creation & Self Discovery to Cure Self-Doubt

At the point that someone gets fed up with living in a powerless mindset, many will seek help to get back on track. There are many strategies to building and boosting confidence. To start, learning who you are at a characteristic level and learning to love your shadow-self is a great place to start. Everyone struggles with traits or personality defets that they wish they could change. Approaching the process of self-discovery in an attempt to understand your whole self is a great starting point in eliminating self-doubt. Learning to love your whole self build confidence and inspires creation.

Creationism is completely and intimately personal. It is inspirational, encouraging, motivating, it is creating and producing and freeing. It is everything that self-doubt is not.

Here is quick shot of my before helping people overcome self-doubt through self-discovery oracle readings and crystal wand making at a local event! Book a virtual session to start your creation today.

Creation works for all kinds of self-doubt and insecurity because it has the effect of contradicting and opposing every form that self-doubt or insecurity takes through confidence building activities and problem solving. We intimately prove the self-doubting limitation wrong by completing tasks through creation that we didn’t know we were capable of, and eventually the mind learns a newer and more positive way of thinking about things, because it has witnessed firsthand the undoing of every single one of its limiting, doubting thoughts.

In order to do this we must either show or create a case for the opposite. We need proof. Show yourself the opposite of your own self-doubt by creating and building something that will bring you joy. Investigate and encourage yourself to try your very best to achieve or to witness or experience the very thing that your mind doubts.

Commit yourself to the challenge of proving every single one of your doubts wrong, and if you can do this, you will slowly re-program your mind to be able to achieve anything that you could possibly want to achieve.

Conquer the limitations of your doubts and you become a purely positive, inspirational, creative force of life on this planet earth.

Sit with your doubting mind however, and you will begin to fester in a world of negativity, opposition, and argument for all things limiting. I know which path I would rather choose.

Now the choice is up to you!


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